Our Supporters

Ars Minerva helps forgotten musical treasures reach new audiences. In this endeavor, we rely enormously on the generosity of community-minded individuals and businesses. In fact, 70% of our production budget comes from individual donations.

In 2020, Ars Minerva has been awarded a $10,000 Grant from the Sam Mazza Foundation and a $3,000 by the Tri-M Foundation.
The Sam Mazza Foundation supports organizations who work to improve their communities through the arts, education, or addressing quality of life concerns. We are humbled with gratitude for their generous donation, for believing in us and for their extraordinary support.

The mission of the Tri-M Foundation is to cultivate and promote the production and presentation of regional performing and media arts, through grants and gifts to new and established arts organizations and educational institutions, and through their own salons and publications.


VENUS or APOLLO, from $5,000 to $9,499

George and Patricia Lundberg

Tina Bakolitsa

Gregory and Carmen Castro-Franceschi

CUPID, from $2,000 to $4,999

Linda Nakell and Robert Dawson

Michael Schubert

Paul and Béatrice Gomory

Céline Ricci

Christophe Peroz

DIANA or MARS, from $900 to $1,999

Alex Chan

Karen Kriendler Nelson

Emma Lewis Thomas

Scott Manson

Daniel Pickens-Jones

Ilana Walder-Biesanz 

Sheila Wishek

Therissa McKelvey and Heli Roiha

Bob and Terri Ryan

Fergus and Jane Bordewich


Pierre and Louise St Hilaire

CERES or BACCHUS, from $300 to $899

Faye Chan

Victoria Hoover

Quincy Bragg

William A Werner

Marlies Hensel

Edward C. Gordon

Karen Kubin

Nick Hamatake

James Glazier

Stephen Smoliar

VESTA or MERCURY, from $101 to $299

Bart Deamer

Thomas Pfaeffle

Patrick J Vaz

Olof Mathe

Paul Miller

Elliott Smith

Kwei and Michelle U

Michael and Edith Kimbell

Carol Baird and Alan Harper

FLORA or TIBERINO, up to $100

Roy Bergstrom

Claudia Conrad

Robert Cook and Blanca Haendler

Bart Deamer

Marlies Hensel

John Fenster

John Klopacz

Ian Hinchliffe

Elliott Smith

Daphne and Stuart Wells

Mary Wildavsky

John Gosselin

Elisabeth Frey