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Olimpia Vendicata (1681)

modern premiere by Ars Minerva in October 2023

Composed by Domencio Freschi, libretto by Aurelio Aureli

Olimpia Vendicata
Olimpia Vendicata

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Olimpia Vendicata is Ariadne auf Naxos in a distinctly more 17th-century Italian key. Poor Olimpia, a Princess of Holland, is abandoned on a desert island by her faithless lover, Bireno. Kidnapped by pirates, she is made a slave at the elegant, sensuous court of Hibernia, where it seems everybody is amorous of somebody else. (Remember, this is fiction.) Imagine her surprise when Bireno crops up and begins wooing the Hibernian princess Alinda! With finesse and malice, Olimpia exacts poetic justice.

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