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La Cleopatra (1662)

modern premiere by Ars Minerva in March 2015

Composed by Daniele da Castrovillari, libretto by Giacomo dall'Angelo

La Cleopatra
La Cleopatra

Designed by

Patricia Nardi

Daniele da Castrovillari’s La Cleopatra – lost in the archives of Venice’s Biblioteca Marciana since its premiere in 1662 – bears the name of the femme fatale whose legend has been recounted by everyone from Plutarch to Burton and Taylor. But those who anticipate yet another version of that famed tragedy should brace themselves for a hefty dose of the unexpected. Castrovillari and his librettist Giacomo dall’Angelo conjure up a lively salmagundi of romance, jealousy, skullduggery, sensuality, comedy, political catastrophe and attempted murder, climaxing in a surprise ending that is entirely in the spirit of Carnevale.

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