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An Opera composed by Antonio Sartorio and Marc'Antonio Ziani in 1681.
La Flora opera presentation, on July 17th at the Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco 
Performances at ODC Theater on November 15, 16, and 17, 2024.

The Plot

A work of emotional chiaroscuro that ranges from heroic tragedy to slamming-door farce, set in the late Roman Republic under the rule of the fearsome dictator Sulla (here called Silla). Young Flora and Pompeo are impassioned lovers. But Silla and Pompeo’s dad have other plans: Pompeo is to marry Silla’s daughter, Emilia. The only problem is that Emilia is already married to somebody else. And Pompeo (the future Pompey the Great), though a hero on the battlefield, turns out to be a spineless wuss when it comes to standing up to Dad and defending his girlfriend. Flora exerts her seductive superpowers to get her man. But will she succeed?


Flora: Alexa Anderson

Pompeo: Jasmine Johnson

Silla: Nicolas Aliaga

Emilia: Aurélie Veruni

Servio: Sara Couden

Geminio: Nina Jones

Strabone: Sidney Ragland

Probo: TBD

Characters Creative Team

Director: Céline Ricci

Conductor: Matthew Dirst

Projection Designer: Entropy

Score Transcription: Adam Cockerham

Translation: Joe McClinton

Flora Poster.jpg

Design by Entropy

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