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Andromeda, A Cosmic Tale

Ars Minerva is thrilled to announce the beginning of a new endeavor, Human Journey, which will combine early music with other disciplines.


The first Human Journey adventure will be Andromeda, A Cosmic Tale, a multidisciplinary event that presents the Greek myth of Andromeda through music, mythology and astronomy. 


The first phase of the project was a "Music of the Spheres" concert and lecture at The Lick Observatory on July 29, 2017. The second phase will be a performance with a full orchestra, four soloists, a narrator, and projections, to be presented in 2019.

Ars Minerva's orchestra and vocal artists will perform excerpts of rare and forgotten Baroque musical works dedicated to Andromeda, such as Vivaldi's Andromeda Liberata (1726) and Marc Antonio Ziani's Andromeda (1714). Narration will be provided by world-renowned Stanford professor Richard Martin.

We will explore both Ancient Greek and modern astronomy, as well as celestial bodies named after mythological characters. Constellations, galaxies, and Greek myths will be the protagonists of a cosmic tale, featuring Perseus, Cassiopeia, Cepheus and Andromeda. 

More details to follow!

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